Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Better Person?

It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better. ~ Jonathan Ive.

So, here we are again. Me blogging about stuff that matters to me after a long hiatus. I was wondering, how come that we as humans are so mean and nasty to one another? Always to the point with the intention to hurt. To let that someone know, in fact to go all out to make him or her know that we truly dislike them?

Where do we draw the boundaries? When do we know that the line that should not be crossed is here and not there? How can we be so vicious to one another? I am no saint, in fact I might have done all these before during my younger days, when I was more petty and immature. Inexperience and naivety that everyone faces when young, is to some extent forgivable.

However, does it make it right to continue behaving in such a way even after maturity and with age or life experience? People that you meet everyday, interact with on a daily basis and who can actually influence matters pertaining your life, why would you treat them nastily just to make a point? Why the butt of all jokes? Why create such a hostile and uncomfortable environment?

Even if that person does in a way make life a tad bit more miserable for you, why repeatedly target the person even when he or she is not doing anything to you? Does singling out a person makes life more bearable for one? Does it give some sort of personal gratification to be mean to him or her even at the slightest movement made or word uttered?

It is understandable to dislike someone and mutter about him or her under the breath occasionally, but once a point is made about the dislike, must we go on and on about it? Is that not victimising of some sort even if he or she has such influence over you? Harassment of some sort? Is that not discouraged actively in so many places?

I must admit that there are times that I am mean to people in my life. No doubt about it. But I do not get people who does it on purpose to hurt even when the other person is doing nothing to him or her. Humans are not perfect. Everyone has flaws. But sometimes, our actions and words can also hurt a person even if he or she does not show it. A line must always be established to avoid any untoward incidents. Who knows? Today he or she might be calm waters, tomorrow those exact waters can drown you.

Let us try to be the better person. Let us try to be more patient and understanding. Words are cheap, yes. But even then, it still has the power to make or break you.

With lots of thoughts,

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